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TV Trouble Shooting Guide


Remote Control Buttons


Light on Cable Box is Red.

If the light on the cable box is red  (see above) then that means the cable box is OFF.  To turn the cable box ON , press the STB button on the upper left hand side, then press the power button  located in the middle of the top row of the remote. This will turn ON the cable box.


Volume won't go up or down    

Press the TV button located on the upper right hand side of the remote, then adjust the volume on the TV using the Vol +/- buttons. 


Channels won't change

Press the STB  button on the upper left hand side, then use the Ch ^/ buttons  to change the channels


The No Signal box is appearing on the TV

This box appears when either appears when 1) the cable box is OFF  (go to first item listed above "making sure the light on the Cable Box is green") or

2) the Source/Input   has been incorrectly set (see How to Change the Source/Input below)


How to Change the Source/Input

Press the  TV button located on the upper right hand side of the remote. Then press the  Source/Input  button    which is located directly below the TV button. The following screen will appear:

Keep pressing the Source/Input button  until you have selected HDMI1 then press the OK button located in the middle of the circle at the center of the remote control. Note: The correct Source/Input for the Cable box is HDMI1 and NOT TV. You are now on the correct Source/Input. Press the STB button on the upper left hand side of the remote to access the Guide and/or change channels or adjust the volume.


The TV Adjustment screen is appearing on the TV.

If this box is appearing it means you have entered the Home button while in TV mode (when you should be in STB mode). Press the Home button again then press the STB button located on the upper right hand side of the remote then press the Home button again. You are on the HOME page for the Cable Box. 

This Box appears on TV:

Press the STB button (on the upper left hand sid)e. The select the Home button. Go to Settings. Then enter 6666 using the Channel button.. The message “do you want to remote factory settings?) will appear then select “accept”. You will be asked several times if you want to connect to the Internet. Say No. Note:The cable is connected to the TV vis an Ethernet cable and won’t work properly if it is also connected to the internet. 

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