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Public Buses

The bus stops to either ends of the island are located just around the corner from both Beach Walk and Banstead Cottage. If you plan on using the buses or ferry’s you will need to buy either a pass, tickets or tokens from either the Central Bus Terminal (Washington Street), Ferry Terminal (Front Street) or the Visitors Center (Next to the Ferry Terminal on Front Street).


 NOTE: Buses only accept exact change.





Route 1

Hamilton - Grotto Bay

Tucker's Town, The Caves and Grotto Bay

Route 1

Hamilton - St. George's

Tucker's Town, The Caves and Grotto Bay 

Route 2

Hamilton - Ord Road

Botanical Gardens and Elbow Beach

Route 3

Hamilton - St. George’s

Middle Road, Devil's Hole, The Caves and Swizzle Inn

Route 3

Hamilton - Grotto Bay

Middle Road, Devil’s Hole and The Caves

Route 4

Hamilton - Spanish Point

St. John's Road or North Shore Road

Route 5

Hamilton - Pond Hill

Glebe Road

Route 6

St. George’s - St. David’s

Clearwater Beach

Route 6

St. George’s - St. David’s

Southside Gate 1 / Main Road

Route 7

Hamilton - Barnes Corner

South Shore Beaches and Lighthouse

Route 7

Hamilton - Somerset/Dockyard

South Shore Beaches, Lighthouse and Somerset

Route 8

Hamilton - Barnes Corner

Middle Road and Waterlot Inn

Route 8

Hamilton - Dockyard

Middle Road, Waterlot Inn and Clock Tower Mall

Route 8

Hamilton - Somerset

Middle Road and Waterlot Inn

Route 8C

Hamilton - Cedar Hill

Middle Road, Paget

Route 9

Hamilton - Prospect

National Sports Centre, Cedar Park and Palmetto Road (Circular Route)

Route 10

Hamilton - St. George’s

Palmetto Road and the Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo

Route 11

Hamilton - St. George’s

Blackwatch Pass and the Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo



Taking the ferry is such a great experience. The main hub of the ferry service is the Hamilton Ferry Terminal located in Hamilton on Front Street. This is where all the ferry routes originate and connect to the various places on the island. 



The closest place to rent a scooter is Oleander Cycles (6 Valley Road, Paget). They have single passenger scooters as well as two passenger scooters. We recommend that you only rent a scooter if you feel really confident about riding one. Our roads are narrow and we drive on the left hand which makes us somewhat apprehensive when guests rent scooters. Note: never leave your personal belonging in the basket of your scooter unless you have secured everything with either a rope or bungy cord.


Our advice is, unless you're 100% sure and feel confident, don't rent them.


Electric Car Rental

There are 2 electric car rental options available: 



Twizy's (one person sits in the front and the other in the back. Twizy’s don't have windows or A/C and the doors don't lock. Twizy's can be rented from Current Vehicles located in town at the Hamilton Princess (76 Pitt's Bay Road).



Tazzari's (two people sit side by side). These cars have windows and doors that lock and have A/C). Tazzari's can be rented from Oleander Cycles (6 Valley Road, Paget).


If you plan on renting an electric car(s), we recommend reserving well in advance as the demand for is quite high. You will be able to recharge both options at all our homes. Note: If you rent a Tazzari, please make sure you get an adaptor for a Twizy charging station.


Electric Bike Rentals

Freedom Electric Bikes can be rented from Elbow Beach Cycles 296-2300.


Pedal Bikes Rentals

Note: Bermuda's road are quite narrow and it can be dangerous to cycles on them in come parts.

Elbow Beach Cycles (441-296-2300)


Social Cycles (441-292-5813) Located in Hamilton, they offer bike rentals and scenic guided tours.


Island Tour Centre offers pedal bike tours along some of the more scenic sections of Railway Trail.

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