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Grape Bay Beach (Private Beach)

This stunning, private, south shore beach our absolute favourite and is just a (7-minute walk) down the road from Beach Walk and a 20-minute walk from Banstead Cottage. The beach is clean and marvellous and the sand has a pinkish hue. It's great for swimming. The rocks on both sides of the beach are quite steep and you should not try to climb them. It's a lovely scenic beach, clean and most importantly quiet. You will hardly find anybody here, that's mainly because tourists are not aware of this beach and also the fact that it’s private to the residences of the areas.


Horseshoe Bay Beach

This is one of the islands’ most beautiful beaches and also its most popular. The water there is famous for being among the clearest in the world. You can rent everything you need for the day and there is also a popular restaurant there. The beach does get very crowded at times so we suggest you keep walking east towards Warwick Long Bay for a bit more privacy and relaxation.


Elbow Beach

The pale pink sand stretches for almost one and a half kilometres or one mile at this lovely beach, which has a gentle curve like an elbow and because of the protective coral reefs that surround it, Elbow Beach hosts one of the calmest shores on the island, which makes it perfect for swimming and body surfing. There are also three fabulous restaurants here Mickey’s (right on the beach), Café Lido and Sea Breeze if you also want to enjoy a nice meal or a glass of wine while your there.


Warwick Long Bay

This ranks as the island's longest beach and has the pinkest sand on the island. There is a jagged coral island floating just above the water, making it an excellent area to snorkel. Just to the west of Warwick Long Bay, tiny Jobson's Cove is one of the island's most visually stunning beaches and absolute must see.


Church Bay

Church Bay is one of the best places to snorkel on the island as the reef here is very close to shore, providing shelter from the waves. Plus, the relatively calm waters harbour a colourful variety of marine life making it well worth the trip there.


Tobacco Bay Beach

This beach earned its name when survivors of the shipwrecked Sea Venture discovered tobacco growing here. The beach has some unusual limestone formations off the shoreline which provide a protected habitat for marine life like parrotfish and sergeant majors. This is most popular beach in St. George's Parish and can get crowded in the peak season but there are other beautiful beaches close by. The beach also has equipment rentals, a snack bar and, during summer nights, frequent bonfires with music and chill crowds.

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